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Social Media Management

More business’s today are realizing the importance of Social Media. Not only does it expand the visibility of your company on the internet but many gain new clients and revenues through social media that they never would have reached in the past.

Did you know that search engines now use social media as a major factor in ranking a company’s website? The problem most businesses find however is either lack of time and sporadically post, not knowing what and when to post or not posting at all.

We do the posting of viral content to 19 of the leading social media platforms. The goal of this strategy is to help in gaining exposure and brand awareness for you, your company, your products and/or your clients. This do it for you solution allows you to use your time more productively and not have to worry about your social media presence.

Cyber Security and System Management

Cyber Pros Consulting is a proud Certified Partner with Comodo Security Products. We offer total security solutions to our clients protecting them from all virus and malware including Zero-Day Threats and Ransom-ware protection at an enterprise level without the enterprise price.

Did you know your FREE antivirus does not usually protect you from RANSOMWARE? Every so called FREE antivirus I’ve seen does not protect you from ransomware unless you buy their premium product. If you are relying on one of these FREE antivirus platforms you are at risk and I prime target for hackers to infect your system and steal your files.

Do you know how your current antivirus software detects virus’s on your computer? Most antivirus programs work on a default allow platform. What this means is when a new virus is created they learn about it at your expense. They rely on computers to become infected to find the new virus’s and then find a solution to protect you from it. Your computer could be next.

Default Allow Antivirus just does not cut it in today’s world of Cyber Terrorists! Comodo uses a default deny platform to keep you safe. If Comodo doesn’t know the file it will run it in our containment platform until it passes our Valkyrie and human threat assessment. keeping your computer safe from all unknown threats. Your systems could never be safer! With over 85 Million endpoints protected with ZERO infections the proof is in the pudding.

Comodo Protection just can’t be beat!

Coupled with our computer maintenance services your computer will be safe and fast all the time.

We maintain your computers daily and monitor any issues that may arise on your computer systems including virus monitoring. With this service we offer basic remote repairs at no extra charge. If you are experiencing issues with your computer, contact your dedicated technician who will assess the problem and if he can repair the issue remotely he will do so at no extra charge. It’s all part of your package.

It’s like having your own computer technician on staff without paying the large price to hire one.

Web Design and Web Hosting

Our sister company Easy Hosting 123 offers the world’s most affordable web hosting on the planet.

Easy Hosting 123 also offers web design services. We have been making custom websites for clients for over 6 years. With Hundreds of happy clients, we are confident we can build you the site of your DREAMS!

Why do we have satisfied clients? First, WE CARE WHAT YOU THINK! We don’t just make a website and bam there you go thanks for your money like other designers. Our job isn’t done until you are happy and we will keep going until you are! We work closely with you through the whole process, Design, Pictures, and Content.

Business VOIP Phone Systems

Our other sister company PBX Planet offers world class affordable business phone systems to home, small, and large businesses alike.

Our cloud PBX revolutionizes your office phone system allowing for better, call management, user and caller experience, and smooth device integration. —all at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware. Your NEW PBX is easily administered across all your locations without having to pay for any of the expensive equipment. Just checkout some of the great new features you will be able to look forward to in your new system!

Admin Portal

Virtual Receptionist


Voicemail to Email

Call Announce

Call Blocking

Call Conference

Call Forwarding

Call Group

Call Hold

Music on Hold

User Portal

Call Monitoring

Call Park

Call Pass

Call Queue

Call Recording

Call Screening

Call Transfer

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Caller ID Block


Cell Phone Integration


Conference Bridge

Set Caller ID

Ten-Digit Dialing

Simultaneous Ring

Toll Free Numbers

Unified Inbox

Paging Group

Paperless Fax

Directory Assistance

Do Not Disturb

Dynamic Caller ID

Follow Me

International Long Distance

Local or Geographic Number

Multiple Devices on One Extension

Phone Number Porting

Cloud PBX

Call Logs

Virtual Mailbox

Work from Anywhere

Better & More Affordable, PBX Planet prides itself in providing the best and most reliable PBX service in the market. See why we’re CONNECTING THE PLANET.